Keith X. Capricorn (otakuhobbes) wrote in alice_in_rpland,
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my character

[o.c.c.]Hey! I discovered this comunitie last night and I have always wanted to do something like this.
My character is also made up. Her name is the Queen of Light and Darkness.

[In character]I am the Queen of Light Darkness. I am the just monarch of day, the cruel sovereign of night. Of course this is all quite beyond your all too limited understanding isn't it? There are many thing which you do not know.......
which you shall not know........
which you could not know......
Take the Vorpal Blade for example... do you truely think it is a mere weapon.........used only for killing Jabberwocks.......And that all it take to kill the Jabberwock is a mere snicker-snap! And the Cheshire Cat.... do you not even know why it grins?!?!
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