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alice_in_rpland's Journal

alice in rp land
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This is the home of the Alice in Wonderland RPG. Please see the list of characters before choosing your own.


* limit one person per character; you may choose characters from the existing books (Alice in Wonderland, Alice's Adventures Through the Looking-glass) or create your own.
* please stay true to character. you're allowed to create new situations with the characters, but don't give Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum laser guns, and don't make the Mad Hatter suddenly become sane. gender bending is so totally allowed.
* please e-mail (naomi@kitchenfaerie.com) or post with your character choice. you may post a short biography that includes any information you think your fellow RPers should know, but it's not required.
* be friendly to others (unless that would be out of character). no pestering/harassment of real people allowed.
* when posting as your RP character, please do so in third person.

list of characters:

Alice: crimsonangelx
Evil Alice: punkblu
Mad Hatter: tsuraibara
March Hare: milkie
Queen of Hearts: ophe1ia666
Cheshire Cat: yukkuri
White Rabbit: _fire_and_ice_
Queen of the Grasshoppers: ashtreenymph
Sovereign of Light and Darkness: otakuhobbes

this community is maintained by crimsonangelx, who also maintains gothic alice and kitchenfaerie.com.