spiral_eyz (spiral_eyz) wrote in alice_in_rpland,

Look lively now!

Is this place an Alice in Wonderland Rp board, or is this an ice cream parlor in February???

I would like to contribute the beginnings of a storyline here and if it does not find itself captivating in your eyes feel free to flame me, b/c ignoring it will just not do! *shakes finger*
Just write ahead the second piece when you feel like it, i apologize for this crudeness, but I am lazy and so I will post the beginnings of an already abandoned alice rp story, which me and a friend began out of boredome not too long ago. Whenever we pick that up will be her decision, but if you guys could possibly take this to a more creative continued level that would be greatly appriciated. Asyou will probably tell, I am the crazier Carrol fan of the two, but proove me wrong by being better and more detailed and complex. Please no monosyllabic or three sentence posts or ones like 'this is coool' or 'this sux'. If u reply an opinion on it, please follow with a story attached to it. It does not have to be nearly as long as this is but you ought to keep it within meat and potatoes range...
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